Are Jesus’ Claims Unique Among the Religions of the World? – Mark Goodnight

By Dr. Gary Habermas

Have all major religious teachers proclaimed approximately the same message? For example, have many of the religious teachers taught that they were God as Jesus did?

It may surprise many to learn that we have no reliable historical data that any of the founders of the world’s major religions—apart from Jesus—ever claimed to be God. No early writings attest such a claim on behalf of these persons. For example Chinese teachers Confucius and Lao-tzu exerted moral, social and cultural influences on their students but were not theologians. Many of their wise sayings are reminiscent of the Hebrew book of Proverbs. Strangely, Buddha may have been an atheist who did not believe in any kind of divinity!

The Muslim holy book, the Qur’an, definitely does not elevate Muhammad to the place of Allah. While we are told that Muhammad is Allah’s chief prophet, there is no attempt to make Muhammad deity. To the contrary, Allah has no partners (Surahs 4:171; 5:72, 116).

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  1. Bruce, I confess I did not read all of this. I’m way too slow a reader. (*eye roll*) But what I read seems very well researched and documented. What you have here is book-length. Are you planning to publish it as such?


    • Hi Annie, no, it’s just an introduction and barely scratches the surface. However, there are pointers provided, should anyone want to look a little deeper. What is scary is how many think it doesn’t matter. Thank you for giving it a shot, I know it’s a tad long. Sincerely appreciated. Blessings!

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      • A “tad,” lol. Did you say 25,000 words? I can see that as a book – or a start of one. You have a lot of good points to say about not only your subject matter but how to and how not to share/argue the facts, and the important distinction between crucial differences and differences that true believers might have and still be one in Christ. Our church has a lot of members who are students at the seminary here, and I think this is good information on a topic they would find very helpful. Our bookshelves at church have short books or booklets like this one that people can pick up and read on a specific topic. You might want to talk to a publisher … just sayin’ … 😉


      • Thanks for the kind thoughts, Annie. Some of the recommended books and links I provide have already done a much better job at this, than I have. It is just an intro, but the important thing is that if you want to look deeper, you definitely can, because it is included. 🙂 Blessings!

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