For I Am Undone

I originally hesitated using this post title, because I’m definitely not Isaiah, but these words that where spoken by the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 6:5) so clearly express the contrast that one would readily sense, by being in the immediate presence of Almighty God, that I decided to go ahead and use it. Undone, as in fully and completely exposed or known and in sharp contrast to God, who is holy and eternal. Undone, as in of little comparison, undone, as in of a lessor standing. That would be you and that would be me.

I marvel sometimes at the audacity that some articulate and unhesitatingly display when voicing their learned opinions about God’s existence or of His thoughts and ways versus their own. It’s like they are equals and their comprehension of all that exists is of the same magnitude as His, even though none of us really know where or how to even begin to create like God has. Some prefer to attribute all they see to sheer chance, but for myself and many others, for numerous reasons, that just doesn’t work.

And yet, in spite of these opposing perspectives, God declares His will to extend to all of us, His unmerited grace, because He has created us to be of Himself. We are created in His image, possessing attributes which are sourced in Him, to unselfishly love, deal justly and fairly with all, without prejudice, malice or discontent.

According to God’s Holy Word, as revealed in the Bible, in the beginning God shared His own Spirit with us, so that He was part of us and we were part of Him. But those who were before us were tempted and willingly chose to go it on their own. And God accordingly withdrew His Spirit from them and let their will be chosen over His own.

God could have abandoned His creation but such was never His intent. He would bring us back to Himself by showing us of Himself as He is, and us of ourselves, as we are, without Him. Think holy and not holy, think faith and trusting in God as the means whereby that which could not be done, in and of ourselves, could be done. Think Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as the pillars of that founding faith. Think specific individuals endowed with God’s Holy Spirit, but God’s Holy Spirit not available to all. Think Israel, Moses and the Law, the Priesthood, the Tabernacle, the sacrifices and the realities of sin, versus the holiness of God. Think the promise of a Redeemer, who would do for us what we in ourselves could not do. Think the prophecies of the promised Redeemer and the arrival of His only begotten Son, Jesus, on the appointed time.

Think the Law being established and completely fulfilled as never before in Jesus. Think God (Jesus) dwelling with us and Jesus showing us of the Father. Think the reality of all needing to be born of the Spirit spoken of by Jesus, again. Think God doing for us what we in and of ourselves, without Him, could never do. Think God’s grace, righteousness and love for us being personified in the death and resurrection of His Son. Think God’s Holy Spirit being given to all who believe and truly trust in Jesus. Think following the way, the truth and the life, in and through Jesus. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is indeed good news if we accept God’s offer of grace, but once again, as per in times past, the choice is still ours.

There will come a time when we all shall stand before Jesus, the Son of God. And at that time, we all will be undone. Every knee shall bow and acknowledge that Jesus is Lord, whether we are a believer or non-believer. Those who have believed and trust in God, through Jesus the Son, will live in eternity in the presence of God Almighty and those who have rejected God’s love and grace will spend eternity separate from the presence of God Almighty, and that’s not a good place to be. The resulting reality of the contrasted destinations is the result of our choice and will, to either accept or reject God’s offer of His love and grace provided through His Son.

This brief overview has been greatly minimized, there is so very much more. There’s a reason why Jesus stands alone in all of recorded history. If you’ve never taken the time to study and consider God’s Holy Word, please do so! A whole new reality awaits you!

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. For perspective in comparing Gods mind with ours. We may have one snowflake worth of thought while God commands a continental wide storm. God would then say “you are giving yourself too much credit bud”

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  2. And the awe inspiring and yet hopeful thing about it all is that without warning God comes and shows Himself to us. Just as to Mary in Nazareth, the shepherds in Bethlehem and to the centurion witnessing His crucifixion He chooses for us to catch a glimpse.


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