Truth and John 17

A number of posts today, caught my eye with regard to the emphasis that Jesus placed on the words Jesus Himself was given by the Father, to give to us. Truth today is a difficult thing to find, yet we have Jesus’ assurance of God’s sure Word.

The prayer that Jesus prayed to His and our heavenly Father, as recorded in John 17 is especially noteworthy.  I wish to share with you once again, the commentary I wrote on John 17, in particular within, two works that were authored by Francis Rogers, (links are within the following link). Take the time to really consider what Jesus is conveying to us all in His prayer to the Father on our behalf and take the time to consider these two beautiful works of Francis Rogers.

If ever we needed truth, it has to be now, and there is no greater truth, than the truth given to us by God.

Here is the link:

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. Wow, Bruce, I have never been disappointed when I pray James 1:4-5. I was led straight away to John 17 this morning and prayed my way through that. I’ll catch my breath from the tears I’ve shed but for the moment I’ll sit and listen to Todd strumming his guitar and singing this Saturday morning. 😍 Thank you for the link to Frances Rogers. Thank you for your authentic writing from your heart of worship. “Worthy is the Lamb!” I always leave your place singing. 🎼 “High and lifted up, Jesus Son of God…”😊❤️sending blessings today (and always)


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