Deadly Doctrines Series – Tim Challies

I recently came across a series of posts authored by Tim Challies that he wrote back in 2017 that specifically addresses the necessity of dealing with unsound doctrines or doctrines that are “contrary to” sound Biblical doctrines, that are really excellent and I will share the links to Tim’s 7 posts in this series with you below.

Understanding the importance of Biblical doctrines is absolutely vital when it comes to avoiding getting waylaid by false teachers or prophets that are so prevalent among us in these troubling times. As Tim states in the initial post, “Never has it been more important for Christians to commit themselves to rejecting false doctrine and pursuing sound doctrine, to ensure they are following teachers of truth, not peddlers of error.” Considering what the visible Christian Church is being subjected to these days, that’s hardly an overstatement. I know that it will take a while to go through all 7 of Tim’s posts but take my word for it, the investment of time is well worth it.

Here are the links to the 7 posts in Tim’s series on “Deadly Doctrines”:


Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. Thanks for the resource, Bruce! I’ve favoritized it and will refer to it later. I appreciate Tim Challies and his willingness to shine a light on error when many pastors won’t stick their necks out.


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