He Is Risen: Historical Evidence That Jesus Rose From The Dead – James Bishop – Revisited


This is a WordPress repost of one of the most comprehensive articles I have read on the historical evidence that supports the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It was originally authored by James Bishop. It is an excellent resource and I highly recommend you bookmark it for future reference.

Did Jesus really rise from the dead?  Is there any evidence that this actually happened, or is this just a product of myth, legend, or religious wishful thinking?  As it turns out, the resurrection of Jesus is well supported by historical evidence and serves as the best explanation for the facts surrounding his life, death, and the emergence of early Christianity.

In this article we shall focus on New Testament Scholar Gary Habermas’ minimal facts approach (MFA). The MFA, explains Habermas, “considers only those data that are so strongly attested historically that they are granted by nearly every scholar who studies the subject, even the rather skeptical ones” (1).

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