Pondering’s From Bruce the Sheep!

Greetings my fellow sheep!

I don’t know if you have noticed but this sheep fold that we all are in, is pretty immense. Actually there are parts of it that I seem to not even be mindful of at times. And even though things may appear to be relatively calm in the part of the sheep fold that I frequent, due to the sheer size of our fold, such may not always be the case in other parts of the fold that are much further away. I don’t know if you are like me but I tend to focus on how things are going where I am, and I sometimes forget how many of us there actually are, and how we are so widely dispersed within the fold. Jesus is the Shepherd of a lot of sheep!

Of course, I only know a few of my fellow sheep by name. A minute fraction of the totality of the flock. Many of the sheep within our flock don’t even speak the same language that I do and some even look a little different than me! And yet Jesus, our Shepherd, knows all of us by our individual names and is very aware of every aspect of our being. And even though we can’t see Him, He has promised each of us that He will be with ALL of us, ALWAYS. He knows when we lay down and He knows when we rise and exactly what each of us need. I find it reassuring when He speaks and I recognize His voice, even when I can’t see Him. I’m not exactly sure how He does that, but I guess that partially explains why He is the Shepherd and I am His sheep.

But hey, have you noticed those strange sheep in our fold as of late!

They look similar to us but what they say doesn’t line up with what our Shepherd has said. And I don’t know about you, but there seems to be more of them lately! Telling us to do what they do and that they speak for our Shepherd! Not so fast, strange sheep! Our Shepherd warned us about you!

Some of the sheep within our flock haven’t heeded our Shepherd’s warning, some within the flock actually like what they hear. Those strange sheep tell us to eat in different meadows and to trust in them to speak for our Shepherd. Those strange sheep seem to have forgotten that all of our Shepherd’s words are our guide and that we are to TEST all things according to what our Shepherd has already said.

Some sheep within our flock can’t be bothered to test anymore, and I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe they have decided that because they like what they hear about those other meadows, that it’s not necessary to test anymore. Equally strange is how I don’t remember Jesus our Shepherd actually telling us to stop testing, and maybe not recognizing or acknowledging that reality is part of the problem of too many fellow sheep listening to the strange sheep. Nevertheless, I am but one of many concerned sheep, speaking out to my fellow sheep.

I do know that our Shepherd has told us that He is THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE. Maybe I’m a simple sheep but that would appear to me to indicate that there is NO OTHER WAY, NO OTHER TRUTH and NO OTHER LIFE. His way, His truth and His life is what ultimately matters, and I am content to remain His sheep, within His flock, under His guidance.

Thanks for reading through the pondering’s of Bruce the sheep.

God’s blessings according to His loving kindness, to all my fellow sheep!

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


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