A Little Self Promotion – Reasoned Cases For Christ

For some reason, there are some viewers that are not aware of the different resources that are freely available on this blog. As per the above screenshot, one can view the various additional page links immediately below the header image by clicking on the applicable page title.

So that all are aware what each of these additional pages contains, I will provide a quick once over lightly:

Christian Resources
This page is an indexed and “Jump Linked” list of recommended online Internet links on a wide variety of Christian Apologetic Resource topics that is continually being updated.

Defending Your Faith 101
This page contains 25 post links complete with a short intro on each post, for Teri Dugan’s highly recommended course on “Defending Your Faith 101”. 

Creation or Evolution?
This page provides an introduction to Evolution, Intelligent Design (ID) and Creationism, complete with a considerable list of recommended links to applicable recommended videos and presentations.

Gospel of John Musings
This page contains links to my personal commentary for the Gospel of John.

This page contains links to audio podcast sources that make “selected posts” of “Reasoned Cases For Christ” available via an audio format.

My Testimony
This page is self explanatory. 

Roman Catholicism
This page is dedicated to providing an introduction to the considerable differences between Evangelical Christianity and the teachings and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. Many recommended additional links are also provided.

Investigating the New Apostolic Reformation Movement
This page is dedicated to providing background and detailed information on the dangers and errors associated with this movement. Many recommended additional links are also provided.

This page contains some personal information on myself and the reasoning and purpose behind this website.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!



  1. Thank you for putting this all into a post, Bruce. It’s easy to miss the full offerings of your website, as I most often use the WP reader to peruse your offerings. Blessings, brother.


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