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Just Because . . .

This is our 3 year old grand daughter Josephine. I’m learning to be more strict with Josephine than I have been with our other grandchildren. I told Josephine she had to be at least three years old before Papa would

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What Do I See When I Look Back At Me?

I’m not really one for poetry, but this seemed to just flow from within today, so I’m sharing! What do I see when I look back at me? Nothing to cheer about, no reason for glee, Selfish decisions, to many

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Just Had to Share . . . Welcome to My World!

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Happy Canada Day !!!

July 1st is our National Holiday where we celebrate being Canadians. Yes , I know, everyone loves the country where they’re from but all things considered, there are an awful lot of things about being a Canadian that I’m thankful

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Bloglovin Follow Option

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Should you wish to do so, you are now able to follow Reasoned Cases for Christ via the above Bloglovin link. Just click on the + Follow button at the top of the page.

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Man’s Best Friend

Actually dogs are not man’s best friend, God is, but have you ever wondered what goes on in a dogs brain when they live with us? Rover says:  “I’m not sure what this thing with those round things are but

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