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personal observations

You are currently viewing my blog page where I list my personal Biblical Observations articles. Obviously this is going to be a time project and considering that I am currently 73 years old, I have no idea as to whether I will be able to finish it. Nevertheless, my primary focus is to study God’s Word and this provides me with the opportunity to do this and share at the same time.

As I indicated at the beginning of this series in one of the posts below, this is NOT going to be a verse by verse commentary but rather personal observations that have caught my attention when reading God’s Word. If you are looking for a verse by verse commentary there are many that are available depending on your preference of authors. Here is one that I ran into recently that was recommended by Teri Dugan and appears to be sound and well received:

I will also be deliberately avoiding some verses that may have different perspectives, such as the length of the days noted in Genesis which bring into question whether one adheres to Old Earth Creationism or Young Earth Creationism, or another perspective, as an example.

I will be following the the Bible in it’s chronological order versus the typical category sequence as illustrated below.

  • Pentateuch (is also history) – Genesis to Deuteronomy
  • History – Joshua to Esther
  • Poetry – Job to Song of Songs
  • Prophetic – Isaiah to Malachi
  • Gospel – Matthew to John
  • History – Acts
  • Letters (Revelation is also prophetic) – Romans to Revelation

This is the Chronological Order that I will be following:

Chronological Order of the Bible



UPDATE: I’m putting a temporary hold on doing these write-ups and I’ll be focusing on completing my rereading and study of the complete Bible. Once that is completed these “Observations” will be continued.  I’m making great progress, just in case you are wondering!





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