Although Podcasts for this Christian Apologetics blog is only a relatively recent addition, just over 1400 “plays” of “Reasoned Cases for Christ” podcasts have already been been listened to! I had no idea that Christian podcasts were so popular and I indeed find this encouraging! Thank you so much!

Selected posts from “Reasoned Cases for Christ” are readily available via audio podcasts at the following links:



Google Podcasts


Pocket Casts







Amazon Music and Audible

Those of you who previously utilized the automated one click feed-in of eposides (posts) into Anchor (Spotify for Podcasters) and the ability to transcribe text into speech (TTS) and post it on a podcast, are aware that this automated service ceased to be provided via WordPress recently. It took me a while to find a replacement for this service and to test the sequence of steps to replicate what used to automatically be done for us. Good Text to Speech (TTS) software is not inexpensive, but I did eventually find a no cost resplacement that works quite well. The no cost service I recommend can be located at https://ttsmaker.com/  and it works very well for eposides that are under ten minutes or so. I recommend the voice of “Peter”. Once the MP3 format sound file (there is a choice of downloadable formats) is produced on TTSMAKER, it can be downloaded and then uploaded to your Anchor account and posted for the vaious podcasts you have your feed sent to. You do have to manually enter the particulars on each eposide you upload to Anchor, but the process is relatively straight forward. I’ve added this info to assist others who may have run into the same problem that I had. Hope this helps!

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!